Trafó Gallery


Curator: Tijana Stepanović

Antonio Gonzales Paucar: Oltár / Altar

In his extraordinarily clear-out videowork, the Altar (2006.), the Peruvian artist, Antonio Gonzales Paucar analyzes the impact institutional religion or its painful alternative, personal faith make on the individual. Fingertips are elemental means of human perception and at the same time one of the most sensitive points of our body. The artist distils warm wax on his fingertips thus changing the essence of his fingers into candles. The warm material and the burning wick dim the perception and cause serious physical pain but it occurs only indirectly in the form of collective pain through the empathy of the recipient. The performer in the video bears it without a stir of the muscle. The – not only physical – pain and the control over reception and perception could refer to the many times repressing practices of religious institutions and also to the (im)possibilities of the individual’s emotional self-expression.